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Welcome IPv6 now connected - by Gerd Stolpmann, 2013-08-21

For two weeks the website is fully connected to IPv6.

Actually, the raw connectivity exists already for more than two years, but I haven't found time to put the IP addresses into DNS. This is now done, making the site visible.

Around 1% of the traffic is now via IPv6. This is way more than I was expecting. Here in Germany, only a few Internet providers have already rolled out IPv6, but the major players are planning it for 2014. It turns out that at home I already have IPv6, although only via DSLite. (NB. In the default DNS configuration a client connected with DSLite or other 6-in-4 technologies will pick the IPv4 address if both "Internets" are available, so such clients will not show up in my web server logs as IPv6.)

The IPv6 world is different: no NAT anymore, and every computer has a globally routable address. This is something you need to get used to - the Internet appears again as a real peer-to-peer network as in the first years, and the distinction between client and datacenter connectivity is gone. Let's hope this drives innovation - like user-controlled social networks, for instance.

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