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First testing version - by Gerd Stolpmann, 2009-11-13

A first testing version of Ocamlnet 3 has been released: Ocamlnet-3.0test1.

The idea of this release is to make this version available to a larger audience for testing, and to allow everybody to check whether code using this library still works. It is not yet ready for production environments.

List of major changes:

  • Port to Win32 (as outlined in Stranger an a strange land)
  • The new Rpc_proxy layer (as described in The next server, please!)
  • Extensions of Netplex
  • New implementation of the Shell library for starting subprocesses
  • Uniform debugging with Netlog.Debug
  • Exception printers (Netexn)
  • Introduction of pollsets (Netsys_pollset); removal of (i.e. more than 1024 file descriptors)
  • The netcgi1 library has been dropped in favor of netcgi2

There are also a lot of minor changes. Some of the changes are incompatible with code written for Ocamlnet 2.

Testers are especially encouraged to check whether Ocamlnet 3 still works on all platforms, because a lot of new platform-specific code has been added. I mainly tested with Linux and the MinGW port for Win32.

The library is not yet available via GODI. I'm working on this.

More blog postings will follow describing the highlights.

Please report results to

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