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Second testing version - by Gerd Stolpmann, 2010-02-17

A second testing version of Ocamlnet 3 has been released: Ocamlnet-3.0test2.

This version mainly includes a large number of bug fixes compared to the first version, but also a few additions:

  • netcamlbox: a fast ipc mechanism for sending ocaml values to another process. Netcamlbox is shared-memory based, and works well on multi-cores (see Netcamlbox.html for doc)
  • netplex adds per-process sockets, so one can send messages to individual containers, and not only to the whole service
  • wrappers for POSIX semaphores
  • wrappers for syslog
  • performance optimizations (serialization, page-aligned I/O)
  • updated documentation

Already in the first test version:

  • Port to Win32 (as outlined in Stranger an a strange land)
  • The new Rpc_proxy layer (as described in The next server, please!)
  • Extensions of Netplex (see especially Mastering Multi-processing)
  • New implementation of the Shell library for starting subprocesses
  • Uniform debugging with Netlog.Debug
  • Exception printers (Netexn)
  • Introduction of pollsets (Netsys_pollset); removal of (i.e. more than 1024 file descriptors)
  • The netcgi1 library has been dropped in favor of netcgi2

I've quickly checked that the library builds on linux, freebsd-7.2, open solaris, and Win32 (MinGW). Nevertheless, testers are especially encouraged to check whether Ocamlnet 3 still works on all platforms, because a lot of new platform-specific code has been added.

Download etc:

There is a GODI package, but you have to enable a special repository to get it: Add

to godi.conf to see the new packages in godi_console. This works first after the bootstrap is finished (godi_console cannot be built with ocamlnet3 yet). Keep in mind that this is development code, and there is no easy way to downgrade to ocamlnet2. Best is you do this only for new GODI installations.

Special thanks to everybody who helped me to produce this new version - by reporting bugs, or even sending fixes, or by maintaining subtrees (Christophe Troestler).

More blog postings will follow describing the highlights.

Please report results to

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